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Château Fougas Forces de Vie

Château Fougas Forces de Vie

Terroir Surface : 22 Ha.

Ground : Located on a plateau naturally drained by two little streams on a lower level.

Hydro-wind colluvials composed of ferruginous clays smectite type on a limestone bedrock.

Grape Varieties  Merlot 95% - Cabernet Sauvignon 5%

History Owner : Jean-Yves Bechet.

The introduction of the Château Fougas dates from the XVIII century. A lovely watercolor from a surveyor of the period shows the Château surround by his land in a single piece, where already appear the vines.

Philosophy « For our wines, we want to have a Terroir expression, we are seeking for the violet rather than the tar and the refined more than the concentrate… Far from the trends but close to the land, we are attached to the authenticity who gives soft fine and elegant wines, full of beautiful spices and fruits aromas… ».

Vinification Careful sorting of the grapes when they arrive to the vat. Piecemeal vinification with a Burgundian cap-punching method. Into stainless steel vat under temperature control.

Aging in barrels: 18 months in new barrels.

Vineyard Certified in Organic and Biodynamic farming

Appellation Côtes de Bourg

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Medals and pressbook

Château Fougas Forces de Vie 2017 & 2018
  • Tasting
    • The wines: a magnificent 2018. The wood is still present, but the fruit is very balanced, energetic and tense, with hints of sweet spices, paprika. We feel the particular presence of the terroir in the finale. You can wait until this one delivers its tertiary nuances, or lead it to this savory and lively fruit. Strengths of V and very original but also tight in 2017. A superb note of blackcurrant energizes the bouquet of 2018, tasted during aging, held by warm notes of cocoa, vigorous freshness on the palate and succulent tannins. Le GUIDE des MEILLEURS VINS de FRANCE 2021

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Château Fougas Force de Vie 2016
  • Tasting
    • A Classic with a strong identity as good as comforting. Representative of its appellation whose colors it wears high. Biodynamics. Le Monde des Vins du 21/01/2020 -Notre sélection de vins Bio (page 4)
    • Favorite for this red Bordeaux wine combining length and roundness: the 2016 Côtes de Bourg Forces de Vies from Château Fougas. Forces de Vies is currently closing and will keep for at least ten years; it reveals a quality of fruit and a flawless mineral intensity, a roundness and a length which rank it among the great.. La Revue des Vins de France -13/02/20

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Château Fougas Force de Vie 2015
  • Tasting
    • Yves Beck on the 7 of December 2017 Mark 92/100
    • Le monde magazine 8 of September 2018 : “This biodynamic Force de vie vintage have revealed itself to be a stunning discovery !  A dominantmerlot allied with cabernets, make this wine tasty, balanced and refined. A spirit of terroir which makes it a perfect wine for Sunday family lunch.”

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